Right Person, Right Shift, Right Time

Andgo fills shifts faster, saving time and money

Technology is revolutionizing the way business is done and how we manage vacant shifts, vacation planning and automate absence processes. Learn how you can:

  • Skip the hassle of spreadsheets and multiple platforms
  • Save your organization significant money
  • Keep your employees happy and productive
  • Ditch the paper and get automated
  • Post and fill vacant pre booking shifts months in advance
  • Manage employees through the turbulent times of COVID-19

How Much Money Can You Save?

Clear communication with employees during this trying time helps eliminate uncertainty, and saves your organization money. Time to fill shifts manually is an average of 28 minutes. Time to fill shifts with Andgo? An average of 3.5 minutes — that leaves a lot more time to take care of the important things. See how much implementing Andgo can save you.

Saving Time, Saving Costs


Your Annual Savings:

Costs before Andgo


Costs after Andgo


You Save


**Time to fill shift manually is an average of 28 minutes based off Statistics Canada Source

**Time to fill shift with Andgo is an average of  3.5 minutes based off Andgo Analytics

Who is Andgo?

Andgo is smart absence management software, converting manual scheduling processes to automated and customized workflows. We create efficiencies that improve the lives of everyone involved, from the CEO to the first day employee. Simplifying complex interactions, Andgo facilitates communication for unplanned, immediate need vacancies and planned absences, ensuring the right person is in the right shift at the right time. Our easy to access cloud-based platform offers modular designed features customizable to your needs, and seamless integration with partners like Kronos. Andgo fills shifts faster, saving time and money. The increased scheduling transparency builds trust, improves job satisfaction, and elevates the overall quality of client care.

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“The Andgo online system has dramatically increased the number of shifts the scheduling department can handle. We went from filling about 7,500 shifts per week to 15,000 during high vacation periods like summer and the December holiday season.”

Director HR Systems and Analytics - Major Health Authority

“We Saved Millions!” Case Study

One of our healthcare clients was encountering huge challenges after a number of budget cutbacks. The department was in crisis mode. An additional 40 schedulers were hired to manage the new needs brought about by these changes, but it was clear that this type of process was not sustainable. Better, more efficient solutions were needed to ensure that work was completed in an accurate, timely manner.

Inefficient scheduling systems were costing the client $15 million in overtime, resulting in 1,040 shift inquiries and 59,531 payroll corrections. Over 80% of the operating costs were for labour, and in that state, the client would be facing a $30 million deficit if no changes were made to their scheduling processes.

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Flexible, Flawless, Fulfillment

Developed on the Canadian prairies, we are passionate about solving absence management solutions for you. Some of our features include:

  • Employee shift management
  • Employee self service shift bidding
  • Employee request management
  • Vacation bidding
  • Quick dial absent reporting

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Save Time and Money

Absence makes the heart grow fonder, but what about the bottom line? Ensure the right person is in the right shift at the right time, and skip the hassle of spreadsheets and multiple platforms. At Andgo, we work with you to implement best absence management practices, taking your organization to a new level. You’ll save money and time, while keeping your employees happy and productive. In 2020:

  • 14.8 million notifications sent
  • 277 thousand filled shifts
  • 767 thousand submissions received
  • 111 thousand hours saved by Andgo customers

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