Smart Call

Automate the communication of available short call shifts to eligible employees.

Employees receive an automated email, text or phone call containing the available shift details. Employee responses are optimally organized for scheduling staff to select the most suitable employee to fill the shift.

Seamless integration with the Kronos WorkForce Dimension system.

The standardized and transparent process of communicating and granting short call shifts through Andgo Smart Call has lowered the amount of scheduling related grievances by 80% for the Saskatoon Health Region.

Shift Bidding

Post and fill vacant pre booking shifts months in advance.

As an extension of the Smart Call module, shift bidding provides organizations with optimized processes for filling both immediate and future needs. Employees have the ability to apply for available shifts as soon as they become known, up to 90 days in advance; creating a company culture of work life balance.

43.7% of total shifts filled by Northern Health using Andgo.

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