Feature update: Annual Vacation Enhancements

Andgo is excited to announce the release of some exciting new enhancements to our Annual Vacation module. These enhancements will fine-tune functionality and provide enhanced overall usability and navigability. 

New Admin Tools

A key portion of the enhancements we tackled this year focused on providing organizations more autonomy before and during their annual vacation windows. We created new tools that give them new ability to set up vacation process rounds themselves and to create new vacation groups at any point during the vacation booking window.

vacation round blueprints

  • The new Vacation Round BluePrints tool allows customers to create and define their own vacation rounds within the application, rather than the Andgo support team modifying these settings behind the scenes

build vacation group

  • The new Vacation Group Builder tool allows administrators to add additional vacation groups at any point during the vacation booking window, ensuring that new units or those few that were forgotten at the start can still use the Annual Vacation feature.


Time Savers

We’ve added a number of new features that save you time by automating historically manual processes. We can now automatically create groups with multiple eligibilities and custom default quotas using a single file upload rather than customers manually merging and setting default quotas for every group. We’ve also improved the approval workflow by automatically processing and closing out rounds for groups with no eligible participants.


Streamlined Navigation

After several of our customers went through their 2020 Annual Vacation processes using Andgo’s system, we heard some feedback that some steps required a few too many clicks. We’ve added some new navigational aids that get you where you need to go as quickly as possible, adding extensive hyperlinking and a new consolidated menu for Site Administrators so everything they need is in one place.

  • Additional hyperlinking ensures you only need to use one search form to find what you need quickly.

  • The new consolidated menu in the main navigation bar provides Site Administrators quick access to everything Annual Vacation-related from one place.


Increased Auditability

To help our customers troubleshoot and respond to inquiries quicker, we’ve added some additional features that make it easier to audit decisions made through the Annual Vacation module. These include a new historical quota view and the inclusion of approvers on the Annual Vacation Participant search.

  • The new tabbed quota interface lets you check the quota from any round, helping you track changes.

  • Surfacing the approver on the participant search results gives you more info without having to drill down into the details of each request.


Check out more features here.

More about Andgo

Andgo Smart Absence Management was developed specifically for complex scheduling environments. By working with Andgo, you get the benefits of working with a knowledgeable and experienced team familiar with complex scheduling processes, procedures, and requirements.

Andgo’s Smart Absence Management system has created immense value for each of our clients through the automation of complex scheduling workflows. At Andgo we understand no two organizations are the same. With this in mind, we have designed our system to accommodate the unique requirements and use cases of your organization.

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Diversity and Inclusion at Andgo

At Andgo, we’ve been having many conversations around diversity and inclusion. We’ve been discussing ways in which we can promote and hire a diverse and inclusive team and elevate minority groups in our industry. The conversation is still happening, and we’re excited to see where it leads. We want to use this momentum as a catalyst for actionable change.

Identifying areas of improvement is one thing, but now is the time to convert awareness into action. Here are a few of the initiatives we’re working on at Andgo.

Supporting organizations who make a difference

There is an opportunity to improve diversity in the tech world and we want to do our part.  We commit to supporting organizations whose goals are to educate and enable our youth and improve opportunities for BIPOC in our industry and the world. The organizations we’re thrilled to be supporting are Black Girls Code, The Hidden Genius Project, and Indspire.

Black Girls Code is a US-based organization whose mission is to increase the number of women of color in STEM. They hold workshops and after-school camps to provide in-demand skills in technology and computer programming for young women of color. It’s an invaluable organization, educating our next generation of coders.

Another great US-based organization whose mission is to prepare black youth for a future in technology is The Hidden Genius Project. Their goal is to train and mentor black male youth in technology creation, entrepreneurship, and leadership skills. They do this through immersive mentorship programs as well as events and workshops. 

In Canada, Indspire is an amazing organization that invests in education for First Nations, Inuit, and Métis people. Through the funding they receive, they’re able to provide financial awards, deliver educational programs, and share resources with educators. 

Current Actions

We’ve started open and honest conversations internally about where we’re at, and what we can be doing. This has opened our eyes and created awareness on the issues that exist and how Andgo as a company can help. There is a lot to do. The good news is we’ve identified some areas we can make an impact right away. Initiatives we’ve started include furthering our education, sharing resources, and adding additional educational resources on diversity and inclusion to our company library. Also, we’re reviewing our internal and external documentation and terminology.

Until recently, we have not paid much attention to the deeper meaning or origin of the terminology used in developing software. This out-dated terminology is a perfect example of how deep-rooted these issues run. We’ve found the Google developer documentation style guide to be a helpful resource in this endeavor. We’re still in the first steps of this transition, but we’re happy to be moving in the right direction. We plan to begin updating the language and terms in our documentation to be more inclusive in the very near future.

Future Actions

It doesn’t end here. We are excited about the impact we can make in our organizations and community to improve diversity and inclusion in the tech industry. This is an area where we are just getting started and we look forward to sharing our plans with you as we take further action. 


We would love your feedback!

If you have ideas or recommendations for actions we can take to improve diversity and inclusion we want to hear from you! Contact us at the link below to share your ideas and suggestions.

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Andgo named one of Betakit’s Eight Prairie Startups to watch in 2020

Andgo is proud and excited to be listed as one of Betakit’s Eight Prairie Startups to watch in 2020. Check out the full article here.

Andgo has been listed alongside:


Kicking off the list is the Prairie-based startup that, in 2019, landed the largest VC financing in history for any Prairie-based ICT company. Vendasta offers a white-label platform for companies that provide digital solutions to small-and-medium-sized businesses (SMBs).

With an employee base of almost 300 people, we’re stretching the term ‘startup’ for Vendasta, but given how significant of a role it plays in shaping the Saskatoon startup ecosystem it’s important to have it on the list.

The Canadian startup world will be watching Vendasta closely over 2020 as this anchor tech company looks to put its new $40 million investment to work by building out the Vendasta platform and marketplace solutions and aiming to double its staff in Saskatoon.

Interface Fluidics 

Coming out of the Techstars Energy Accelerator towards the end of 2018, Interface Fluidics was able to land a $6 million Series A round in 2019. This Calgary based company is capitalizing on the push from the oil and gas ecosystem to find ways to improve efficiency while improving its impact on the surrounding environment. Interface Fluidics does this by leveraging technology from the biomedical industry and adapting it to the oil and gas sector.

The startup calls its nanotechnology platform a disruptive technology that helps operators increase oil recovery while reducing environmental impact. Its oil testing technology allows operators to analyze a variety of downhole chemicals, which helps to evaluate the viability of increasing oil recovery. With its recently acquired investment and the ongoing market demand, anticipate seeing large growth from Interface Fluidics in 2020 as it works to expand its capacity and delivery of services.


Taiv, a Conexus Venture Capital Fund portfolio company and one of the earliest stage companies on this list, launched a B2B software/hardware solution in 2019, which quickly picked up customers across the Prairie provinces. Through its platform, businesses within the service industry can automatically replace live TV commercials with in-house content to improve their atmosphere and promote their products.

Taiv’s founding team recently relocated to San Francisco to attend a prominent accelerator in the Valley, while the company continues to try and keep up with significant inbound orders, primarily from bars, restaurants, and car dealerships across North America. Being new to the market, and seeing the initial interest from the service industry for this technology, it’s expected we’ll hear and see a lot more of Taiv as it works to grow as a company.


In 2019, Plankk launched a new direct to consumer subscription service where fans can take fitness lessons from their favourite Instagram stars. This new app launched after years of creating white-labelled fitness applications for the health and wellness spokesmodels that made Instagram famous. As more fitness trainers look to capitalize on their significant social media following, we can expect a big year in 2020 as Plankk creates interactive digitally delivered classes.

Salon Scale

The second company in the Conexus Venture Capital Fund portfolio on this list, SalonScale raised $1 million in 2019 to seed its smart technology-powered app helping salon owners and stylists. One of Saskatchewan’s fastest-growing startups led by an exceptional founder, Alicia Soulier, SalonScale provides a digital solution to track the cost of free pouring hair colour to hair salons.

Since financing, SalonScale has continued to grow its customer base around the world as it improves the financial well-being of hair salons. With wasted hair colouring product being one of the biggest costs among hair salons and challenges for hair salon owners and their stylists to account for, there is a significant greenspace opportunity for SalonScale to provide stability to a once volatile marketplace.


ZayZoon has taken a novel approach to financial wellness by focusing on working with corporate partners to help their employees manage cash flows. In 2019, ZayZoon raised $15 million to fuel its mission to improve employee health through the use of responsible financial products.

Initially, its product had been focused around providing real-time salary for individuals based on the amount of time they had worked with their employer. While its current product of payroll advances, without the predatory costs that come with payday loans, fills a need in the marketplace, I’m excited to track ZayZoon’s progress over 2020 to harness its investment capital in exploring new ways to improve financial well-being through the guidance of the employer’s voice.

Honest Door

Launched in 2019 by Dan Belostotsky (OTTO Capital, Panache Ventures), HonestDoor is one of the newest entrants into helping create more transparency within the home buying process. As the first tech company in Canada to release real estate sold prices with machine learning,

HonestDoor is quickly picking up traction across the Prairies, having grown from Edmonton at the time of launch, to Calgary and Winnipeg. HonestDoor offers a free platform for homebuyers and sellers to see what the property is worth (the HonestDoor price) along with the underlying data points to back it up. A repeat founder taking on a massive industry generally points to a startup we should all be watching closely in 2020.


More about Andgo

Andgo Smart Absence Management was developed specifically for complex scheduling environments. By working with Andgo, you get the benefits of working with a knowledgeable and experienced team familiar with complex scheduling processes, procedures and requirements.

Andgo’s Smart Absence Management system has created immense value for each of our clients through the automation of complex scheduling workflows. At Andgo we understand no two organizations are the same. With this in mind we have designed our system to accommodate the unique requirements and use cases of your organization.

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