Meet the Team – Cam McHugh

Cam is a Senior Software Developer with Andgo and spends the majority of his time writing code. However, he also enjoys the opportunity to participate in frequent software design meetings, architectural planning, and helping out with operational issues. He’s been heavily involved in developing our integration with Kronos Workforce Dimensions, an industry-leading suite of HCM tools. This integration opens new doors for Andgo, allowing organizations on Workforce Dimensions to leverage our SmartCall, Broadcast, and QuickDial IVR solutions with minimal setup and configuration.

It is exciting to be a part of something that creates a significant opportunity for growth at Andgo.

Cam was born and raised in Saskatchewan. He grew up in North Battleford, moved to Saskatoon for education, and remained here throughout his career. The thriving tech community, 5-minute commutes, and a slower pace of life are what he likes most about Saskatoon. He enjoys making the most of Saskatchewan summers, and yes, the winters too. In his spare time, you’ll often find him out on the water fishing, even when it’s covered in 3 feet of ice. Some of his other hobbies include kayaking, hiking, skiing, and adventuring with his family. 

cam family fun  Cam skiing

Cam joined the Andgo Team in February 2019. He was drawn to the idea of working for a small, but motivated and growth-minded Saskatchewan tech company. He also appreciated that our product significantly increases efficiency in managing health care scheduling, and ensures that the right people are always on hand to help those in need.

As with the majority of our team, one of Cam’s favourite things about working at Andgo is the people.

We have done a great job of recruiting and hiring highly intelligent, motivated, and humble people. We care deeply about doing excellent work while remaining considerate and empathetic to each other.

With a light-hearted, fun-loving culture, Andgo provides plenty of memorable moments, but one of his favourites was our rebrand launch party.

Our party to celebrate the official launch of our Andgo rebranding stands out, as it represented a key moment in the trajectory of our company. The launch provided an opportunity to both reflect on the history of the company and its roots, and establish our vision for the growth and future of Andgo. Oh, did I mention there was also local craft beer on tap, and an oyster bar?

When thinking of past accomplishments, joining the team at Angdo is something Cam considers an accomplishment in its own right. Since joining, he’s assisted in solving performance issues that have allowed us to continue scaling our product, assisted with our migration onto the Google Cloud Platform, and has played a large role in our Workforce Dimensions integration. 

Cam in sand  Cam Peru Cam family

On a more personal note, a few of his favourite experiences include hiking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, visiting the Galapagos islands, completing a half-ironman triathlon, and the birth of his two children. 

Cam has cycled through a lot of interests and hobbies over the years, moving on after he feels like he’s done what he set out to do. So, it’s no wonder to hear that his core passion is learning and discovery. He’s truly up for anything that brings new experience or knowledge. And with two school-aged children, his passion has grown to helping them to discover the world and all it has to offer. 

Cam and son

Cam values the people and the work being done at Andgo and looks forward to many more years with the team.

What is IVR?

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is an automated phone system. It can be customized to meet individual organizational needs. It is a technology that helps guide employees through an interactive menu to ensure they are reaching the department they need. The messages are pre-recorded and prompt employees to use their touch-tone keypad or speak up so that voice recognition can navigate them through a custom system. This ensures all of the employee’s information gets where it needs to go.

IVR is often used for calling in sick in the workplace. The easy to navigate system allows employees to submit their absence and rest assured that the information is getting to the right department. Another common use for IVR is in shift replacement. Employees can call into the system to find out what shifts are available and place bids immediately.

In organizations without IVR systems, an employee may call in and leave a voicemail on a manager’s line. What if the manager is away on vacation or out sick as well? How does the employee know their message is being heard and if required, their shift being filled? An IVR system removes uncertainty. The system exists to ensure information is passed to where it needs to be. It provides employees and employers with peace of mind. IVR intelligently routes incoming employee calls, ensuring their message gets to the right person or department. 


Quick Dial          quick dial

Quick Dial is an IVR system that directs incoming employee calls. It alleviates pain points in a scheduling department by automating and sorting incoming shift-related calls. Through Quick Dial, incoming calls are captured, organized, and filtered through configurable categories on a dashboard where department Managers and Scheduling Staff prioritize and process them.  Each call and corresponding action is logged and can be reviewed in a searchable audit trail. Quick Dial optimizes the way scheduling departments receive, direct and process incoming phone calls.

Andgo’s Quick Dial IVR system is also able to capture basic information about the caller. This allows for important information required by managers and schedulers to be collected. The system is completely customizable and easy to set up. It manages the filtering of incoming queries and frees up time for managers and schedulers, allowing them to focus on meaningful work.

Quick Dial can be expanded to other areas of operations where a large volume of incoming phone calls are received. Each call is automatically supplemented with additional information such as employee name, number, home department, and time of the call.  This eliminates transcription errors and data replication.  

Quick Dial processing follows the same workflows as the Smart Call and Automated Shift Bidding modules.  Incoming call categories, menu options, and voice messaging can be configured to unique organizational requirements. Also, Employees have the option to connect directly with Scheduling Staff.


Are you looking for a way to quickly and efficiently route incoming calls from staff regarding shifts and scheduling queries? Contact us to see how Andgo can help you save time, increase transparency, and improve staff morale with our smart absence management software.

Andgo is excited to participate in the CTA bicoastal program

Andgo is proud and excited to participate in an amazing global initiative. The Canadian Technology Accelerator (CTA) bi-coastal program is dedicated to the development of high-potential digital health companies. The program has also partnered with industry-leading organizations at the forefront of digital health innovation. Read the full press release here.

Our team is thrilled to be a part of this program and can’t wait to see where it leads. We’re honored to participate as one of 11 digital health companies in this exciting accelerator. We couldn’t have asked for better company:

  • 360Medlink: Clinically-validated patient treatment companion tailored by therapy, language, and cultural preferences.
  • Careteam Technologies: Virtual care collaboration and communication platform that health organizations deploy to support all the needs of patients in one digital location
  • Conquer Experience: Digital simulation platform for surgical training and assessment.
  • HyIvy Health: Intelligent and holistic pelvic rehabilitation device for women.
  • IRegained: Neuro-rehabilitation for stroke patients looking to regain hand function.
  • InVivo AI: Novel algorithms designed specifically for use in drug discovery.
  • ManagingLife: A digital health solution lowering the human and financial cost of chronic pain.
  • OPTT: Clinical trial validated telepsychiatry solution powered by proprietary machine learning algorithms.
  • VoxNeuro: Breakthrough brain assessment measures neuro markers to reliably inform brain health management.
  • Zilia: Quantifying biomarkers in the eye for better clinical outcomes.

We’re looking forward to this journey and can’t wait to share more information throughout.

More about Andgo

Andgo Smart Absence Management was developed specifically for complex scheduling environments. By working with Andgo, you get the benefits of working with a knowledgeable and experienced team familiar with complex scheduling processes, procedures, and requirements.

Andgo’s Smart Absence Management system has created immense value for each of our clients through the automation of complex scheduling workflows. At Andgo we understand no two organizations are the same. With this in mind, we have designed our system to accommodate the unique requirements and use cases of your organization.

Contact us to see how Andgo can help you!

Andgo’s Annual Vacation Improves the Employee Experience.

Gone are the days of the endless paperwork associated with annual vacation. Not only have we found a way to alleviate the back and forth headache and hours spent shuffling requests for vacation, we’re keeping it green as well!

The Annual Vacation Bidding module is a seamless extension of the Andgo platform. Organizations are able to facilitate their entire annual vacation process online. Our quota-based system ensures you have the staff you need when you need them. It helps reduce payouts from unused vacation hours. This is all done while eliminating feedback cycles and reducing processing time.

The Annual Vacation module is customized to meet the needs of the organization, with as many or as little approval rounds required. The smart processing dashboard recommends optimal approvals and keeps staff in the loop with real-time updates. Employees receive instant insight into the likelihood of their vacation requests being approved before submitting. Once they submit their request, they can track the status of their requests as the rounds progress.

Employees receive notifications in the event their vacation requests are no longer valid (due to employees with more seniority selecting the same dates). This gives them a chance to update their requests before the round closes. This transparency reduces the feedback cycle and creates trust, which leads to higher stakeholder satisfaction. Also, the streamlined processing provides Managers and Scheduling Staff with substantial time savings.

Annual Vacation Highlights

In 2019, two organizations used the new module and saw significant efficiencies over their one-month vacation booking periods.

  • 13,500 employees participated
  • 37,000 vacation requests received
  • 1,600,000 vacation hours booked
  • 84% of top requests approved

An Andgo partner who used to manually process annual vacation found the paper-driven process to be incredibly labour intensive. The approvers would lock themselves away for weeks and work through all the submissions to ensure they awarded vacation in the proper order. Since partnering with Andgo, the approval process has been streamlined and it now takes hours, rather than weeks to complete. Andgo was able to reduce the costs of administering annual vacation while increasing employee satisfaction!

Check out more Andgo features here.

More about Andgo

Andgo Smart Absence Management was developed specifically for complex scheduling environments. By working with Andgo, you get the benefits of working with a knowledgeable and experienced team familiar with complex scheduling processes, procedures, and requirements.

Andgo’s Smart Absence Management system has created immense value for each of our clients through the automation of complex scheduling workflows. At Andgo we understand no two organizations are the same. With this in mind, we have designed our system to accommodate the unique requirements and use cases of your organization.

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What is data residency and why is it important?

Have you ever wondered about “the cloud’ and what it means to keep your data secure on the cloud? Different countries and regions have different regulations around data security, one major part is data residency. Ensuring your data stays securely stored in your local environment is very important when handling sensitive employee data. Andgo takes this seriously and ensures we go above and beyond when dealing with data security and residency.

So, what is data residency?

Data residency means that your data is being stored in a specific geographical location. With Andgo, you have the option to keep your data in the country where it originated, not just for storage, but through any external services we use. Data residency is extremely important to us and we consider it paramount when discussing data management and safety.

But isn’t the internet everywhere?  How is this managed? 

We work hard to ensure that the data generated in your country stays within the country. For Canada, this is managed by only using data centers with guaranteed Canadian Data Residency. In fact, we take this so seriously that we created our own Interactive Voice Response (IVR) service because there were no vendors that could guarantee Canadian Data residency.

We continue to enforce these regulations when working with customers outside of Canada. Every country has its own laws surrounding data residency and security, and we build that into our plan to ensure the data stays local and secure.

Why is data residency important?

Data residency is important for health information. In fact in Canada, it’s the law. The Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) applies to transfers of personal information to a third party, including a third party operating outside of Canada, for processing. This act sets clear rules and regulations around data security and residency. 

Challenges to data residency


This used to be very difficult. When Andgo first started, there weren’t Cloud Infrastructure providers that had Canadian data centers. Now, due to the demand for data residency, the big three Cloud providers, Amazon Web Services, Azure (Microsoft), and Google Cloud Platform all have at least one Canadian data center.

3rd party software (services)

There are a bunch of services we would like to use (Google Text-To-Speech, Twilio, etc.), however, depending on our customers’ data residency requirements this might not be possible, so we work hard to ensure effective alternatives are available. Until these services adapt to meet the requirements set in place by data residency laws they are functions we will be unable to utilize. 

How Andgo keeps data safe

Andgo prioritizes data residency and security. It has to be at the forefront of our operations so that we are able to confidently keep our customers’ data secure. Here are the ways Andgo ensures its customer’s data is safe:

  • We only store data that  is needed to provide our services
  • We are vigilant in staying up to date on leading data residency trends, technology, and regulations
  • We encrypt data at rest and in-flight
  • We have strong data access segregation (ie: No shared resources for customers)
  • We have strong data access controls. Only the people who should see the data have access to see it.

More about Andgo

Andgo Smart Absence Management was developed specifically for complex scheduling environments. By working with Andgo, you get the benefits of working with a knowledgeable and experienced team familiar with complex scheduling processes, procedures, and requirements.

Andgo’s Smart Absence Management system has created immense value for each of our customers through the automation of complex scheduling workflows. At Andgo we understand no two organizations are the same. With this in mind, we have designed our system to accommodate the unique requirements and use cases of your organization.

Contact us for information on how Andgo can help your organization.

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What back to school means for shift workers

It’s that time of year again. The weather is cooling off, the leaves are starting to change, and our little ones are returning to the schoolyard. The major difference this year? COVID-19. For many the return to school is often anticipated and exciting, however this year there’s an air of unease. Return to school protocols are constantly evolving with the changing landscape of regional COVID-19 cases, and parents are left wondering what it means for them and their families.

For many workers, especially shift workers, there’s an unease about what the protocols are for working with sick children. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), while the positive cases of children have remained low, they are not exempt from contracting COVID-19. Schools, therefore, needed to consider this when creating safety regulations. Many schools have enforced strict policies requiring students to remain at home for 14 days (and until their symptoms have disappeared) if they show any signs of COVID-19

So, what does this mean for parents?

Some employers and workplaces are fortunate enough to enable their employees to work remotely. However, that isn’t the case for everyone. Hospitals and other shift-work employers need to ensure they are properly staffed to serve their patients and customers. These organizations can’t function without employees physically in the workplace. Employers need to adopt strategies to keep their employees informed and their shifts filled.

With the strict ‘stay home’ regulations in place at schools, there is a greater risk of an increased number of employees calling in sick or taking personal days to look after their children. Employers need to have an efficient system in place to fill those shifts. 

What happens if an employee or their child test positive for COVID-19? 

The CDC encourages employers to implement contact tracing to help prevent the spread of the disease. This is another issue employers must prepare for. They need to have smart systems in place to properly trace employee contacts as well as notify their employees of potential infection rates.

In order to ensure a safe and healthy workforce, employers need to adopt strategies and methods to communicate with their staff and fill required shifts. Keeping staff up-to-date on COVID-specific issues and contact tracing information is important. This will help to assure employees and let them know their employer values their safety. In order to keep production running smoothly, and patients properly cared for, shifts need to be filled with healthy employees. 

While returning to school is a little more complicated this year, there are solutions employers can put in place to keep their workforce strong and healthy. Adopting strategies for contact tracing and effective communications with employees are two ways employers can maintain support, safety, and productivity in the workplace.


How Andgo can help

Our smart absence management software was designed for complex scheduling environments. Broadcast allows customers to easily communicate one-time alerts, bulletins, and/or instructions to employees.  This keeps employees up-to-date on what’s happening in the workplace. Smart Call automates the communication of available immediate need shifts to eligible employees, streamlining the shift-filling process. Quick Dial is an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system that optimizes the way scheduling departments receive, direct, and process incoming phone calls.

Read more about how Andgo’s absence management solutions can help your organization during COVID.

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Feature Update: Partial Shifts & Calendar

Partial Shifts

Andgo is excited to announce the release of a new Partial Shifts feature as part of its Smart Call and Prebooking modules. Currently, employees are only notified of and able to bid on full shifts through these modules. With the introduction of our Partial Shifts feature, customers will be able to optionally allow employees to bid on portions of shifts, adding another valuable way for organizations to fill unplanned absences.

partial shift

The Partial Shifts feature includes:

  • Support for partial submissions through text, call or online
  • The ability to allow partial submissions on a per shift basis
  • Ability set a system-wide minimum for partial submission length
  • A new option to sort by submission length on the Scheduler processing screen

To use this valuable new feature, contact your Andgo support team and let them know you’re interested in Partial Shifts. The newest version of the Unfilled Shifts upload introduces an additional column that captures whether or not you want a given shift to accept partial submissions.

Coming Soon

To further maximize your organization’s ability to easily find employees to work
unfilled shifts, Andgo is planning on expanding the Partial Shifts functionality to allow schedulers to award multiple partial submissions on a single shift. Stay tuned as we look to release this valuable additional functionality in the near future!

Calendar Update

Andgo’s calendar is an integral part of our platform — it’s the central hub for employees to view their schedules or bid on shifts through Smart Call or Prebooking. We’ve given both the schedule calendar and unfilled shift calendar a fresh new look that includes:

  • An improved mobile-friendly experience with less scrolling
  • Modern icons
  • Shift times are now displayed on the calendar so employees can view
    important info quickly
  • Streamlined, easier-to-read shift details
  • The ability to capture partial submissions when bidding on shifts

To accommodate the new style of icons, we have created a new version of the Calendar Events upload. This new version (v2) has a set of user-centric icons for you to choose from.

calendar updatecalendar update


Check out more Andgo features here.

More about Andgo

Andgo Smart Absence Management was developed specifically for complex scheduling environments. By working with Andgo, you get the benefits of working with a knowledgeable and experienced team familiar with complex scheduling processes, procedures, and requirements.

Andgo’s Smart Absence Management system has created immense value for each of our clients through the automation of complex scheduling workflows. At Andgo we understand no two organizations are the same. With this in mind, we have designed our system to accommodate the unique requirements and use cases of your organization.

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Improve employee engagement and mental health through enabling meaningful work

Automation and the use of AI to streamline and innovate scheduling practices not only create operational savings, but it also gives valuable time back to scheduling staff which can be used toward more meaningful work. In working closely with our Healthcare customers, we understand the demands on scheduling staff, and what aspects of the jobs and tasks associated with scheduling prove to be most challenging. 

The following outlines some of these challenges and showcases how Andgo’s solutions can help.

Avoid burnout due to repetitive manual tasks

Employee burnout is becoming more and more common amongst all types of organizations. Within the scheduling environment, burnout tends to occur when scheduling staff is overburdened with tasks, especially when they are remedial in nature. 

Andgo can help reduce scheduling staff burnout by automating a large number of remedial, often mundane, and manual workflows. This allows for scheduling staff to focus on more meaningful,  thoughtful tasks that create value.

Reduce stress

Healthcare scheduling can be a very stressful occupation. Stress factors related to scheduling usually stem from an overwhelming workload which can have far-reaching effects throughout the organization. When shifts are not filled, departments are not fully or appropriately staffed. This means that patients might not get the care that they require. The consequences of errors or missed workflows can be critical, which can cause a lot of stress for all healthcare workers.

Andgo’s ability to automate the absence management and employee communication process from end-to-end significantly reduces time-consuming jobs and tasks. This saves scheduling staff time and allows them to continuously add value.

Eliminate employee boredom and associated negative effects

Boredom in the workplace is often prevalent but rarely discussed. Causes of boredom in the workplace can result from having to perform repeated and remedial work, not finding meaning in tasks performed, and feeling burdened by work volumes. The consequences of workplace boredom are increases in workplace accidents and errors, depression, anxiety, and disconnection between the employee and the organization.

Andgo can help reduce workplace boredom in the following ways:

  • Automating workflows, eliminating a large number of remedial tasks and providing a clear and comprehensive processing dashboard for scheduling staff
  • Workflows can be customized to provide job differentiation rules allowing for employees to benefit from more variety in their shift work (ex. Inter-departmental shift variability)

Andgo’s solution to enable meaningful work

Andgo’s personalized dashboards allow employees to book shifts ahead of time. This reduces the number of days they submit for on-call or short-call shifts and reducing some of the associated risks.

Andgo’s Smart Absence Management system can help your organization improve employee engagement and mental health. Our solutions will help your employees avoid burnout due to repetitive tasks. Employees will experience less stress and boredom, and fewer negative side effects due to on-call and short-call shift scheduling.

Contact us to find out how our solutions can help your workforce management.

Broadcast helps the SHA mobilize a team to go North

Saskatchewan recently saw a spike in COVID-19 cases in a northern community. It was imperative to mobilize a team of healthcare professionals as quickly as possible to assist the Northern Inter-Tribal Health Authority in managing the outbreak. The Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA) needed to get support to the north immediately, so they turned to Broadcast for help. 

Andgo’s Broadcast module allows mass one-way communication to be sent to a configurable group of employees via text message, email, or phone. The SHA was able to send a Broadcast to its users in search of volunteers to help the northern community. It only took one day for more than 100 individuals to answer the call and volunteer to travel north to assist in fighting the outbreak. The fast response to the Broadcast is a great example of Saskatchewan residents coming together as a community to combat COVID-19. 

We love seeing our systems being put to work and creating positive change. We’re just a small piece of the equation in the fight against COVID-19, and we couldn’t be more proud. This is why we started Andgo. We work hard to provide Healthcare industries with communication tools they need to keep their staff informed.

Read more about how SHA is increasing its support in the Northwest to contain COVID-19 here.

How Broadcast Helps

Clear communication with employees during this trying time helps eliminate uncertainty. Broadcast allows employers to control the messaging across all regions and workforces. It’s important to keep employees up-to-date with the latest news, especially in a situation where the status is changing every hour. Broadcast helps organizations by providing them with a way to community important information to a large number of employees at once.

We’re here to help

Check out our COVID updates for information on how we can help your organization throughout this time.

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