Feel valued and heard

Andgo’s Smart Absence Management system has created immense value for employees, and has boosted job satisfaction and increased trust through transparent and standardized processes.

Employees receive an automated email, text or phone call containing the available shift details. Employee responses are optimally organized for scheduling staff to select the most suitable employee to fill the shift. 

Employees can easily: 

  • View schedules from the past, present and into the future
  • View, bid and cancel pre booked shifts 
  • Have a better work life balance by preplanning
  • Submit automatic bids
  • Accept single, multiple or block shifts

Saving Time, Saving Costs


Your Annual Savings:

Costs before Andgo


Costs after Andgo


You Save


**Time to fill shift manually is an average of 28 minutes based off Statistics Canada Source

**Time to fill shift with Andgo is an average of 3.75 minutes based off Andgo Analytics