Ditch the paper, get automated

Smart Call

Automate the communication of available short call shifts.

Shift Bidding

Post and fill vacant pre booking shifts months in advance.

Smart Dial

Receive, route and prioritize incoming phone calls automatically.

Vacation Bidding

Organize, schedule and plan for employee vacations.

Smart Absence Management Benefits Everyone


Quickly and efficiently fill shifts, communicate to staff and reduce costs associated with the scheduling process.


Boost job satisfaction and increased trust through transparent and standardized processes.


Ensure the right person is in the right shift at the right time, improving your service quality.

Saving Time, Saving Costs


Your Annual Savings:

Costs before Andgo


Costs after Andgo


You Save


**Time to fill shift manually is an average of 28 minutes based off Statistics Canada Source

**Time to fill shift with Andgo is an average of  3.5 minutes based off Andgo Analytics